Recovering Perfectionist Here

Confront me if I don’t ask for help.

Having to admit that I need help is very difficult to me; but someone noticing that I am lacking BEFORE I get up the nerve, is incredibly embarrassing. Maybe part of it is that I am an introvert and don’t like to make my private life everybody’s knowledge. (and here I am writing a blog-post for anyone to see) Maybe part of it is that I was taught NOT to complain because nobody wants to hear it. But most of it is that I like people to see the BEST parts of me because I am debilitated by criticism. Nobody likes to be critically judged and labeled. (I think this stems from being bullied in my younger years.)


But….. the point is that we ALL need help. We are ALL broken in one form or another. We will NEVER be perfect. Some people’s pain is evident on the  outside, but we ALL experience it. Those who judge other’s pain and say hurtful things are really insecure people who put up their wall a different way. Either way, it is not beneficial or healthy to put up walls or to stay in our own world thinking nobody understands us. How can ANYONE love us the way we need if we do not allow them to? We’ll get hurt more? Sure, we are going to get hurt from other people all the time, too, because they are ALSO imperfect. If we do not address the issue, WE are making it worse, not THEM. Furthermore, just because we don’t SHOW we are not hurting doesn’t mean that we are NOT. Just because you don’t WANT help, doesn’t mean you don’t NEED it.


The only person that WAS or IS perfect in this life is Jesus Christ, our Savior who gladly died for us, being a pure sacrifice, because of His love for the Father and us. Heavenly Father created us and knew all the pain that we would endure. He does NOT enjoy seeing His children in pain. He listens to our plights, our prayers, and He can give us what we NEED even when others don’t “understand”…. MANY times He helps us through other people.


So, instead of just the “hi, I’m a recovering _______” which is confession to everyone that we have a problem… I want you to recognize that we are ALL broken and hopefully on our way to recovery from whatever problems we have. (and while you may not be able to recover from some damaging physical problems, we CAN recover from the emotional pain and sin we have regarding those issues.)

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