Playing with Dye: Type 2


When I first began the Dressing Your Truth program, I bagged up all of my clothes that did not fit the texture, color, or design to try the program challenge for 30 days. I had about 4 garbage bags full that I put in the garage. I was convinced of how much better I felt in Type 2 clothes after the first couple of days, but never went back after a week. Since then, I have learned so much more. The colors on my card didn’t have to match exactly, but needed to blend with my card. So, I went back through the clothes to try matching again. Most of them, I did not like anymore because I had truly not been living true to my Type 2. Some of them, I pulled back out because they were my favorites that I didn’t want to get rid of. Most of them, I prepped for selling, so I could purchase more things that matched my style. I feel that DYT gave me permission to not only be me, but get rid of the things that weren’t.


I found a side tab on the program that suggested Dyeing Clothes and gave instructions. After researching exactly how I wanted to dye my clothes for about 2 months (completely true to my Type 2) I set forth to Dye the clothes that I didn’t want to get rid of, but just needed tinted gray. I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose, since I didn’t like the clothes completely anyway. I began to REALLY love some of the clothes that came out tinted more gray. Some of them didn’t turn out well and I took it as a learning process. I loved dyeing my clothes so much, that I began buying a bottle of dye every two weeks to try something new. I even began dying my underwear and socks gray! I LOVE them!!!


Next, I asked my Type 2 Daughter if she wanted to join me. She was excited at first and even began to take over and do it herself. There was one shirt in particular, though, that she did not want to get rid of even though it was black. I asked her if I could play with it to see if I could get it a better color. The decal on the and the stitching front cannot be dyed. She agreed and I began to bleach it. It took a few times to get it a light color, but it was a Type 3 color every time.


Finally, with her permission, I decided to add grey dye to it to make it more her color. And it turned out Great!!! She loves this shirt, now. I am not worried that the design was more of a Type 1 color, but that it’s a learning experience for both of us to learn what we like and why and what we can change if we want to. Dressing Your Truth has been such a fun experience to learn what we truly like, to not be afraid to get what we like, and to have fun with it!


Personally, I use the hot water in my bathtub. (3 yards of material go in the bin my a time.) I use a little bit of dye unless I know for sure that I want more. I prefer the liquid dye because the granules of the other may not blend with the water and stand out on your clothing. I add in vinegar to stretchy material to make sure that the color stays. After I put the color in the water, mix it well, I put the fabric in, make sure all the fabric is covered and stir well especially in the first 5 minutes. Then I let it sit for half an hour while stirring every 5 minutes. That way there is no tie dye effect and it is an even cover. Then I rinse it with cold water. If it looks great, I then put it into the cold water gentle cycle and dry it directly afterwards. Remember that wet fabric always looks darker than actual color. Also, different materials dye differently. The lace on a shirt usually dyes darker.

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