Faith and Encouragement


I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer. I have heard people wonder at all that I’ve gone through and why I would love someone that would hurt me so much. Let me show you what I see… God gives me everything! We, the people, sin and destroy everything around us. It was Adam and Eve’s original sin that began decay and mutations. If you look around, you’ll see the pain and suffering growing…. not just in people! The whole earth is messed up. God is the ONE who holds me together. When I feel the world falling all around me, He lifts me up, holds me, and I trust Him. He loves me even though I make mistakes everyday. Someday, we’ll have a new heaven and new earth. The old will pass away. There will be no pain or suffering. Until that day, I trust Him and ask Him to lead me. He is a patient and loving God. I’m so thankful to have found Him at a young age.

Em-“BRACE”-ing the Real Me

Climbing out of the Canyon

Get Over It


He Gives Us Rest

I Deserve to be Loved

I Have a Choice

I Want to be Strong!

It’s Not Fair

Letting God Take Care of Me

Live Like It’s Your Last: A New Perspective


Pressing On

Recovering Perfectionist Here

Sabbath Day Preparation

This Amazing Journey!

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