Fit young brunette pilates instructor showing different exercises on a white background a blue yoga mat. White background NOT ISOLATED

I absolutely love Physical Therapy. My first experience wasn’t until I was in my 30’s with a torn meniscus. It was after my second baby and I really wanted to get back in shape… I’d been back to running for 5 whole minutes straight and was excited. But at work, I turned wrong while lifting an elderly man and that was the end of that career line. My physical therapist was shocked at how strong I was for an EDSer. She pointed out that most with EDS that came into that clinic were very weak.


Prior to this, I had worked out with isometrics (Callenetics) every day from 14yrs on. (I had learned that Callen Pinckney had helped her scoliosis from the exercises that she researched and taught then) After I turned 18, I joined a gym and loved the reward of swimming after working out. I became scared of the heart palpitations whenever I worked out while pregnant, so I stopped. (Now, I know that’s from a lack of Magnesium and Nuun tablets would have helped just fine.) Being pregnant already made my ligaments loose and it takes a little bit to recover after having a baby. I injured my knee from jumping into exercise too fast and too rough after the baby was born.

pool-exerciseNo pool therapy for me!

During physical therapy, I really wanted to go into the pool with the elderly women. I loved water and thought that would be a fun way to get better, but found that the lack of weight made my joints less able to hold in place. So, the therapist and I both learned that weight is better. It is proven that exercising has helped those with EDS to gain the strength they need to hold their joints and ligaments in place. Many years ago, when first learning about EDS, doctors told patients to stay away from exercise. This made them weaker and, as my occupational therapist stated it, “You’re hanging from your joints and ligaments because your muscles can’t hold you in place causing more pain.” (See, I did listen.)



Now, I understand that the purpose of physical therapy is to get you to do the exercises on your own, get stronger, and do normal exercises… but…. being a human being… I get bored. I like accountability for that reason. Since I have kids that get hurt with random gym requirements, I thought I would research the many different exercises to keep us all strong, so we wouldn’t have to pay for physical therapy every year… just when needed. I hope they help not only my family, but yours, as well.

WARNING!!! Any exercises that you do, you must be careful NOT to hyper-extend. If you cannot do it on your own, make sure you have someone to spot you.

Hip Strengthening Exercises

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