I was homeschooled from 8th grade-12th grade. The first year, I absolutely hated it. I was confused at the parent-child role vs. the teacher-student role. I was disrespectful. I was angry because I couldn’t handle change. The curriculum was difficult for me and I didn’t understand why I had to do it. I didn’t have self-discipline. My mother continued to press on with both my sister and I. My mom changed curriculum the following year and I began to adjust to the change. Did I still want to be a part of what everyone else was doing. YES. But I feel it was the best thing for me.

I was not, by any means, socially impaired. I participated in church activities, community symphony, community theater, morning scripture study with other kids my age, and even had a paper route. But, if you mean, by socially impaired that I didn’t associate with people my age as much… that may be so. I found it easier to talk to adults. They were not afraid to be who they were, they communicated well, didn’t worry so much about popularity, competition, or boyfriends; they were more real.

Honestly, I was more socially impaired in the public school system. I was bullied almost daily, could hardly look people in the eye, I came home from school constantly crying about what someone had said to me or that fact that I wasn’t popular… and yes, I even thought of taking my own life on a constant basis. I had no self-esteem, confidence, and I definitely did not feel loved. While being homeschooled, I became confident in God’s love for me.

I began to see the same personality traits in my son in the way that he responded to criticism and I felt the need to homeschool him. My husband disagreed… but my son was only 2yrs. I asked him if I could homeschool for pre-school and he agreed. We have not stopped homeschooling for 9 years, now. My husband, who had worked in the public school system in the beginning, became an advocate for homeschooling our children.

My favorite things about homeschooling: We don’t do school for very long, maybe a few hours a day. I teach them to do chores for their age to become self-sufficient. I have now seen how the older kids are helping the younger kids and will be great future parents someday. I LOVE having my family around me even if sometimes I complain about not having any alone time. These children won’t be here with me for long, and I want to enjoy as much as I can with them. We can take a field trip whenever we feel like it (every other week usually) They accomplish their yearly studies in a timely 180 day fashion, but I keep them working on subject workbooks they struggle with on a continual basis. I can monitor their behavior with their siblings and make sure they learn to be kind. They build friendships with their siblings that will last forever. They are dreaming and have the freedom to make goals to accomplish those dreams with guidance. I can tell the areas they struggle in and am there to guide them. I change the things I don’t like about me as we pray and try and help each other together. I don’t have to leave the house at least twice a day to hurry to drop them off and pick them up again. We can leave the house to study at the library or hang out with other homeschool friends after their studies are done. We don’t have to be so strict about time. They learn self-discipline. They learn so much through experience. I get to learn with them. If discipline is lacking, it’s up to me to figure it out.

What I don’t like about homeschooling… Sometimes I would like more alone time. For me, the good far outweighs the bad.

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