Christmas Day, I was tired. Extremely tired. I ate cereal and pancakes with syrup. We opened presents, then I slept. I got up, ate left-over pancakes or more cereal, did something, then slept.




Finally, in the evening, I begged my daughter to make me a green smoothie. She, of course, did so happily since she would get some. I immediately felt better and began to enjoy my gifts… after the kids went to bed. So, I realized juicing or smoothies are the way to feel better. I researched the Green Smoothie Girl, and another smoothie to try.




The next day, I asked a different question: “How to heal POTS?” Usually, I just research different healing techniques and pray about the validity of it. I received my final answer.  Why did I not ask that specifically before? Did I, but I wasn’t ready for the answer?” As I looked back over the last year and a half… I received part of that answer twice, and I then trusted other sources and went a different route. This third time, I was ready. “Give me what you got, Lord! I’m ready to heal!”



This last answer came from an unlikely source. I was like, “Really? Is this really an answer from you, God? It seems questionable.” But, as I prayed and read more on this answer, I knew.. “This is me… this is my final answer to the puzzle. I can actually heal this year!!! Not just FEEL better, but GET WELL!” And, the more I realized what I knew in my heart was true the last 10 years of my health issues, “I’ve gone through this to help my whole family heal.”




So, I began trying the healing protocol, which included celery juice. Even just doing celery juice for a week… and I actually like it, now…. I feel stronger, clearer, and I looked in the mirror yesterday and didn’t see my normal dark circles under my eyes!!! 


So, if this is your answer, great. If not, that’s okay, too. But I wanted to share that I am excited to see the light on my path… I am actually healing this New Year!!!






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