A Different Destiny



This last week after Thanksgiving, I felt sorry for myself. I had seen the lives of so many other people and how different mine is. I prefer to live in a place of being grateful for everything I’m able to do, and everyone I’m able to see… But I could never keep up with those that run their kids places everyday or people who make dinner every night or people who are able to work everyday… I have a long way to go!




As I left my Mom’s, she thanked me for helping out, and I shook my head and told her that I wished I could do more. She reminded me, “Look how far you’ve come since last year!” So, yes, I no longer need to be pushed, pulled, or carried from room to room–I am no longer passing out on the floor everyday–I am doing my best to take care of myself and my children–I can sing now while last year, I was too tired to sit up long.




Everyday, I talk myself through taking care of myself: Get up, eat, take your meds, exercise, take care of your body, stay calm, take your vitamins, eat again, research more healing techniques, drink enough, take a time out, refresh, go again, you’ve got this, take your meds again, don’t give up, hold on tight so you don’t fall, you’re totally worth it, and sleep enough. That’s on top of other things I keep trying to add in plus being a wife and mother. If something emotionally and mentally strenuous is added in, sometimes I forget to take care of me again, but I recover, laugh, and try again.




I’m being prepared for a different mission than those wonderful, amazing people I compared myself to. I am okay right here, where I’m at, and I’m pressing on enjoying life regardless!


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