Homeschool?! I could NEVER do that!


I have heard so many comments when people find out that I homeschool regarding how hard it must be. Honestly, I really don’t consider it as hard. I think it’s amazing. Now, yes… I get my kids all the time and don’t get a break, but I GET my kids all the time! I LOVE to have my kids around me and I see no better person to parent them, than me. So, while someone may say that they could “NEVER” homeschool, I’m here to show you that it’s all in perspective. We all make our own choices according to what we think is best for our child, here’s my perspective on a few of the excuses for NOT homeschooling….

Inspiration phrase for teacher appreciation. Written on chalkboard.

1) “I don’t have a teaching degree, so there’s someone more qualified to teach my child.” Now, one may be thinking that NOT having a teaching degree is a problem, but I am learning WITH them. Homeschooling doesn’t mean I’m teaching without textbooks; Curriculum choices are AMAZING! Homeschooling is more about guiding the learning and we all learn along-side each other. I get to spend one-on-one time with my children. I get to gauge their learning progress. I can teach them any WAY I want.


2) “I don’t have the time.” During the summer, I drove my oldest son to camp for a week… and home again. It was the most difficult week I’d had in a LONG time! Pile everyone in the car, drive him to where he goes, have some time to clean and maybe a nap for a little one, pile everyone back in the car, drive back, barely get dinner on, and calm down.  I can’t imagine all the extra-curricular activities one might have to drive for during the school year! That is incredibly stressful! One of the reasons I enjoy homeschooling is because it allows for more family time. While he was at camp, I missed talking to my boy and having his help around the house. He literally barely talked for the entire week! I only get these kids until they are 18 at best!

Not to mention, it really doesn’t take LONG to homeschool; I only use a few hours in the morning 10am-1pm to school my 4 children. The older children can do most of the work themselves. The younger children take an hour at most… and I only do this a few times a week. The rest of the time we spend on projects that are fun for all of us, workbooks and computer work they can do themselves, chores to learn to take care of themselves and each other, play time which I encourage after their work is done, other scheduled activities in the evenings, or hanging out with friends for a field trip.

Also, one of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we can take our school on the road with us. When my husband interned out of town, sometimes we all went and made a vacation out of it… after schoolwork was done for the day (which again didn’t take very long.)


3) “I have too many issues: anxiety, depression, migraines, physical conditions, etc.”  I have noticed that when a parent has that issue, most likely a child does, as well. In our family, we all share food allergies, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, anxiety, etc. I could beat myself over passing those genes and behaviors on, ignore it, OR we could work on it together.

I believe that we have families to work on things together. We pray for each other, talk through things together, and learn how best to heal from things TOGETHER! I have noticed that when I have a bad day and need a little bit more help, the older kids are more willing to help out. I love that they learn empathy and compassion, as well as, a nurturing role for their siblings and managing skills.


4) “What about socialization?” I hate this term with a passion. I think it is extremely misused. If by socialization you mean that my kid gets to learn about cliques and try to fit into one of them, be bullied or become a bully in order to do so, become a robot only answering correct answers instead of thinking outside of the box, or becoming bored having to keep their mouth shut for so long, I think I’d rather pass.

First of all, I believe family comes first and that’s a priority I’d like to instill. As brothers and sisters, they will be connected a whole lot longer than any friend. The older children learn to be great fathers and mothers with first-hand experience working with their younger siblings. They learn to work together as part of the family unit with chores, as well as, their normal schoolwork. I also have a front row seat on how they treat others and can discipline or show more love to that child depending on their attitude and actions.

Second of all, we attend church and other related activities, hang out with other home-schoolers, do field trips, and allow them to do other community events that fit into their talents; including theater, symphony, sports, and art.


5) “I don’t have the money and both of us need to work.”  I understand financial problems, but I don’t believe it can’t be worked out. I know of a few homeschoolers where both parents traded off helping the kids with their work. We have learned to use our tax money for schoolbooks and other expenses needed instead of using it for an awesome vacation. It all comes down to what you feel is most important for your family.


I know there are many other excuses that people use NOT to homeschool, but whether you homeschool or not isn’t the issue. The issue is whether or not you are doing what God wants you to in raising His children in the Kingdom. I know I’m not doing everything that I SHOULD be doing, but that I’m doing the best I can trying to follow where God has lead me. Parenting isn’t easy. Homeschooling isn’t easy. Not Homeschooling isn’t easy. It all has to do with what you are called to do. God will give you the tools you need to do His Will.

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