New School Books Just Arrived!!!

Anticipation of a New School Year


I have always loved beginning a school year and gathering school supplies! New crayons, new paper, a new binder, pens, pencils, and erasers that were chosen just for me! It still feels that awesome for me every year! Yeah, I know, I’m the mom and I homeschool even, but I LOVE it!

Here come the books that I researched and chose for each child! Some of it is curriculum that I already know and trust, but it’s a new grade level for that particular child. Some of it is curriculum that I have researched and asked around about because what we had the previous year just didn’t work for that particular child. Some of it is reading material for me, so that I can improve my teaching style or discipline.

And opening the boxes and finding the curriculum is like Christmas! “Ooh look, this is for you for the next school year!” “Oh, it’s my new planner to write out what we’re studying and when!” Even my kids responses, “Is this one for me?” How I LOVE it!


Planning for the new school year during our down months helps me to get psyched to lead them in learning because I’m prepared. I love to know not only what we are studying, but HOW! I have 4 kids to teach and I want to make it as easy for me to guide their learning as it should be for them to learn.

I understand that not everyone is at this point, yet, but I have a few tips to help you….

  • Research what your kids are interested in within each subject. It takes time and investigation. Sometimes, their learning style may clash with a particular curriculum or there may be learning difficulties. It’s okay to go under cover and ask. There are all kinds of homeschooling groups online to ask your questions to; some may even be in your area. Maybe at this time, your biggest concern is price. Compare and search for the curriculum you feel may be best.
  • Make time to plan. I’m a hyper-organized person, so I plan, plan, plan! I make a plan to plan. If you’re not like me, that is okay. Maybe one of the ways that I plan can help you.
  1.  I open a particular curriculum and plan out what it would take to finish in a particular time frame. Sometimes I write on the inside cover of the workbook as a reminder (4pgs/wk for 20 wks)
  2.  I open up the book to see if it’s easy to read or if the child will need me more (Our Spelling requires kinesthetic learning and I’ll need to be more a part of that. Our Math requires very little for me to do, but guide and let them do the work. Our Science, my oldest is in charge of teaching because it’s laid out so well)
  3.  I love to write daily, weekly, monthly, and the yearly goals of each child in a planner. I even have a planner for my oldest to keep track of what he needs to do and what he’s done each year. Again, my main goal is to promote self-discipline.
  • Have fun! Remember that if you’re not excited about school, neither will they be. Make sure that the curriculum you choose is fun or at least something that a “high-five you accomplished it” would make it worth it. Promoting a love of learning is crucial to self-discipline. Kids need to feel that even if they make a mistake, it’s something to learn from. If it’s overwhelming or even boring, it may not be worth it in the end.

I hope these tips are helpful in your new upcoming school year. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to list them below.


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