Greek Personality Profile

greekpainting-361526This is one of the first “Personality Assessments” that I had heard of. I went to a Marriage Retreat with my husband put on by church and they discussed these personalities and gave us a sheet to evaluate ourselves and our mate with. It was one of the most eye-opening experiences I had. It helped me to understand my husband instead of judge him and it helped me to understand why I felt judged by others. It also helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I realized how much I loved learning about people and was able to love them better by understanding them through profiling.

Hippocrates_by_Peter_EngelsHippocrates by Peter Engel

Hippocrates, a famous Greek philosopher, believed that in order to be healthy, your body needed equal amounts of four liquids called “humors” listed as: black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. If you got sick, they thought it was because you had too much of one of these humors. So, they tried to cure you by removing some of the humor. If they thought you had too much blood, they would remove some blood from you. Sadly, the theory of the four humors was believed all the way from Hippocrates’s time until the 1800’s, when most historians think modern medicine was developed. In fact, Hippocrates is considered the “Father of Modern Medicine,” even though he was mistaken about the four humors. This is because he was the first major philosopher to reject the idea that supernatural forces caused illnesses. In addition, doctors today are required to take an oath created by Hippocrates, himself that states that doctors should always do good and never harm to anyone.

The Greeks even believed that a person’s personality was affected by his humors. If someone was very calm and relaxed, they thought he had a lot of phlegm, which made him more patient. If he was very energetic and full of ideas, they thought he had extra blood. If he was very controlling and always in charge, they thought he was full of yellow bile. If he was a deep thinker and very emotional, they thought he was full of black bile.

th1 Sanguine (sang’ gwin—blood): Excited, full of energy, usually happy

black_aqua_stripes_wp_by_in_dolly-1600x1200 Melancholy (mel’ uhn kol’ ee—black bile): Thoughtful, artistic, emotional

th Choleric (kol’ uh rik—yellow bile): Controlling, leader, likes to be in charge

th2 Phlegmatic (fleg mat’ ik—phlegm): Easy going and easy to get along with, usually happy

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Or…. Assess yourself and others in your life to understand them better. Remember that you will probably display traits of each personality, however there is usually one dominant personality and one secondary personality. Sometimes this can make it difficult to determine which one you are or what someone you know is. Go with the traits that are more than any other the others. I would also venture to say, the person that you were more as a child unless you were stiffled from being yourself because of a dominating parent or guardian. Have fun!


 Intuitive | The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist

 sanguinestrengths sanguineweaknesses

Sanguine Parent Strenths Sanguine Parent Weaknesses

Sanguine Work Strengths Sanguine Work Weaknesses

Sanguine Friend Strengths Sanguine Friend Weaknesses


Conscientious | The Introvert | The Thinker | The Pessimist

 Melancholy Strengths Melancholy Weaknesses

Melancholy Parent Strengths Melancholy Parent Weaknesses

Melancholy Work Weaknesses Melancholy Work Weaknesses2

Melancholy Friend Strengths Melancholy Friend Weaknesses


Dominant | The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist

 Choleric Strengths Choleric Weaknesses

Choleric Parent Strengths Choleric Parent Weaknesses

Choleric Work Strengths Choleric Work Weaknesses

Choleric Friend Strengths Choleric Friend Weaknesses


Steady | The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist

 Plegmatic Strengths Plegmatic Weaknesses

Plegmatic Parent Strengths Plegmatic Parent Weaknesses

Plegmatic Work Strengths Plegmatic Work Weaknesses

Plegmatic Friend Strengths Plegmatic Friend Weaknesses

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