Learning about Sex


Growing up, I was taught sex-ed in public school along with everyone else in my class. I was almost a year younger than other people in my class. I was absolutely grossed out. It was too much information all at once.

After my son was born, a friend offered to babysit for me for an appointment I had. When I walked in, her son, around 9yrs, was looking at a drawing of a naked woman. I was shocked. She just replied that they talk openly about it and would rather have them look at drawings than the real thing.

From those experiences, I DO feel it is important for the family to teach their children and not leave it to the church or school system. I also think that it needs to be a private thing that the kids are able to talk to the parents without making it a family discussion. And of course, age appropriate would be helpful.

This, so far, has been my favorite series to teach my kids about sex from. I have both boys and girls, so I’ve read all of the books from each set. About once a year, I take each kid individually to read one of the books or chapters in the books depending on what age they are. I feel it opens up communication and reminds them of things that they may have forgotten. Each book adds on things and is age appropriate from a Godly perspective.



Before I had the girl set, I used the boy version  of Why Boys and Girls are Different (ages 4-6yrs) for both genders. It included the same information and pictures. This book talks about how God made each gender, they both like different things, they are the same and yet different. It shows a naked picture of a boy and girl and how their bodies are different and then moves on. I love how it talks about how all families are different, but that God chose to put us in families. We read this in one sit down session. I actually started my kids at 3yrs because they already had observations on the fact that they were different from the other gender in our home.


 Where do Babies Come From? (ages 7-9) took us about a week to read one chapter at a time. The boy version and girl version are different because of the child’s perspective that is telling the story. That way it is more able to relate to the gender that is reading it. This book goes over the fact that girls and boys are different, as well, and adds on with fertilization, pregnancy, and nursing.



How are you Changing (ages 10-12yrs) took us about a month to finish together. It talks about how God made you wonderful, the organ differences between man and woman with technical terms, how a sperm connects with an egg, colorful diagrams of a baby in the uterus, nursing, twins, individuality, changes of both adolescent genders, and again ends with how God made you wonderful. These topics were right on topic for their age group. If left to myself to teach and no curriculum, I may have made faces trying to come up with the technical terms. I love the guide that it gave me to not make it a weird thing to teach. We talked technically about it and I offered to talk about any questions after each chapter. There are parts in bold that I have my children read to me and I read the rest. I love the scriptures put in during each chapter the help the child to gain confidence in who God made them.



Sex and the New You (ages 13-15) talks about the same things as the last book and adds a little more. The pictures are black and white diagrams, and it also includes scriptures of how God made each wonderfully. This book talks about being a good friend or family member, choosing good friends, and being aware of peer pressure that leads into dating. It also talks about using birth control, sexual experimentation, pornography, recreational sex, sexually transmitted diseases, being unmarried and pregnant, masturbation, homosexuality, and sexual abuse. It also ends on how God makes us all unique and wonderful.



Sex, Love, and God (ages 15yrs and up) talks again about the same things as the last book, but adds more about dating and preparing for marriage and family.

I am excited about these books that I have read to each of my children for their age groups. My children love reading them with me for not just the one on one time, but because they enjoy learning about something they feel is important. I’m thankful that someone created a Godly curriculum that leads in the discussion of sex in a beautiful, age appropriate manner.


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