Apologia Sciences


This is my all-time favorite Science curriculum EVER!

Okay, first of all, I was looking for a curriculum that we could study in the order of the creation days. I didn’t expect one to be out there that talked about how God created it that way. I just figured it would be me that taught that part. So, when I searched and found the title of these science to include “Day 4 of Creation” I was excited! In public school, I got C’s in class and I hated Science. It was boring and I didn’t see the point. After being homeschooled, I began to be excited about all the creation around me because I felt loved by the Master Creator of it all. I loved Science! I didn’t understand how it all worked, but I loved it and was excited to learn. So, just learning that God made it all made a huge difference for me. That is what I want to bring to my children; excitement to learn! The scientific information, yet, easy way of explaining it makes me want to continue to learn along side of my children with Apologia Sciences!

My oldest son became so excited to learn from zoology that he began to rent every library book about reptiles and amphibians that he could find! He started to find them outside and tell me all about them. He wants to rescue these animals in need of help and teach others about them. It’s AMAZING! I could not have taught that passion if I wanted to… I never liked frogs and snakes. I know most moms would be the same way. But I was challenged to see the creation around me in a different way. For us, this curriculum is amazing, exciting, and we don’t ever plan on changing.

First of all, you have the main textbook. It gives plenty of hands-on activities that go along-side of the information that you are all learning. There honestly is no reason to get anything else unless you want to. There are notebooks that go along with it; a regular notebook for older elementary students and a junior notebook for the younger students. This notebook includes places to record findings about the study, copywork, crosswords or other activities, and extra projects to go beyond the textbook. And… if you’re extra lazy like me and don’t want to go around the house and collect things for each project, you can also get a kit that goes with the text for the projects that go along with the textbook. They are usually just household items, though, every book may include at least one project that you need to venture for something; a battery pack, a blood typing kit, a butterfly or frog growing kit, etc. (Not that one HAS to do every project in the book, but they are fun.)

I also love how the elementary sciences are not separated according to grade level. So, 1st through 6th could study the same textbook about anatomy, astronomy, zoology, botany, or chemistry and physics. My 5th grader reads to my 2nd grader and then they both do their individual notebooks. I’m all about family helping and taking care of each other and this helps to instill it for us.




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