Sabbath Day Preparation


I’m all about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. My parents taught me to honor it and that even going shopping or out to eat on Sunday was causing others to work. I remember once wanting to go out with friends on a Sunday night. My dad, very wisely, asked me what I thought God would want me to do. I thought about a way to get what I wanted…. “Well, the Jewish would start their Sabbath Day on Friday night and it would end on Saturday night. I think I should start my Sabbath the night before and it should end on Sunday night.” So, my Dad held me to it. It soon became evident that I didn’t want to worship or do anything Sabbath appropriate either night. So, I finally consented to follow the rules that were set forth in my home. My intentions were to try and get away with something and it didn’t work.

However, lately, I’m feeling a call to that same behavior. Sunday night rolls around and I feel the need to prepare for the next week. Mondays are extremely hard for everyone and being prepared helps. This week, Saturday night rolled around and I was having too much fun… I didn’t want to stop. I stayed up until 1am. I woke up tired for church on Sunday. I was thinking about what I wanted to do at home that was what I normally do everyday. I didn’t want to rest. I didn’t want to stick to our family rules.

Now mind you, I understand that tradition can be overdone and the meaning gone out of it. Jesus became angry with the traditions of the people caring more about how many steps they were taking instead of what the Sabbath was really about. He replied that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. (Mark 2:23-28) God made a day of rest and worship for us, so that we can remember that resting is a good thing. (Exodus 20:1-17) Our bodies are so OVER-stressed OVER-worked etc. We need a time where we do not do the normal things of everyday life. Will it make Monday harder? Sure, the dishes and laundry may pile up, dinner may be sandwiches, and we may sit around and think. However, when your body rests, it’s able to have more energy to accomplish the things that we are supposed to do on a daily basis. When we think about our week and what we have done, make goals for the next week, and ask God what He would have us do, our spirits are renewed. There is more resolve and more peace, more joy and you are able to be filled. When you are filled, you can give to others. So, Sabbath activities are things that will bring us closer to God and His purpose for us.

So, all I’m saying, is that I’m feeling the call to be prepared for the day of worship. I would like to be prepared to hear God’s words for me, prepare to rest, prepare to listen and love others better. I think of it like laying your clothes out the night before. When you lay them out the night before including shoes, there is less stress running around and freaking out, and more calm. Does it make Sundays perfect for me? Maybe not, but I think I’ll be more focused.

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